Financial Analyst
Job Duties:
• Utilize SPSS, SAS, and Strata software to conduct statistical analyses (e.g. linear regression, survival analysis, analysis of variance, factor analysis and multivariate analysis).
• Interpret available market data such as credit year, utilization, account activities, and other factors affecting credit lines.
• Establish financial models such as different factors that affects credit lines by utilizing Strata software to analyze historical data collected by the Company.
• Utilize predictive models established to forecast credit activities for future customers, especially international students and new immigrants from China.
• Analyze company’s balance sheet and income statement to compute financial ratios for key performance indicators.
• Identify significant variances from prior budget and sales forecasts to assess potential areas of revenue growth and cost reduction in order to recommend actions to improve company financial status.
• Perform internal financial auditing activities to identify any questionable expenditures incurred by the Company to ensure that the required level of working capital is available and that no capital is being wasted.
• Utilize statistical software such as Matlab, Strata and SPSS to perform various scenario and variance analysis needed to closely monitor fundamental economic, industrial, and corporate developments.
• Develop specialized knowledge for specific industries, including but not limited to, market size, growth prospect, competitive landscape, value chain structure, and regulatory environments.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or closely related field (foreign equivalent is acceptable).
• Proficient in data and statistical analysis tools such as SPSS, Strata, Microsoft Excel, Matlab and SAS software.
• Knowledge of statistics & data analysis, predictive models, financial economics, micro & macro analysis, business communication, managerial decision making, strategic management, auditing, risk management.