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Overseas Credit products include online investment loan platform, overseas credit card applications, consumer credit loans, international anti-fraud credit system, network risk monitoring system.


Overseas Credit Investment Loans Online Platform

We provide international students in the United States and local Chinese with loans and investment services to help them with short-term financial difficulties, cash flow, and other issues, creating a credit file to increase credit score.


Overseas Credit Travel Loan Services

We provide loans for the Chinese in the United States and international students to purchase air tickets, solving their shortage of funds due to short-term difficulties, so that they can not go to their dream destinations having no troubles. The application is convenient. Users can choose a flexible repayment period, which is a reasonable financial plan for expenditure.


Overseas Credit Auto Loan Services

We provide loans for leasing cars, helping international students and new immigrants overcome temporary financial difficulties because they have no credit records, so that students and new immigrants in the United States can have a more convenient life.


International Student Credit Card

Overseas Credit credit card can be appled by students who do not have a credit background and need set up a credit file. Through Overseas Credit, students do not need social security number to apply for a credit card that has 1000-5000 dollars limit in order to establish a credit file.

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