Overseas Credit welcomes new users to join. Each registered new user, fill in the promotion code 1KW6Q, will receive 10 US dollars investment incentives. And as the new user complete a sum of more than 200 US dollars of borrowing or investment, the both the loaner and borrower will receive a 5 dollars cash reward.



Download App, and you can register by phone or by email. By entering the phone number or mailbox, receive verification code, and then set up the password. Enter the invitation code if available. Next, select the profile picture, fill in the name, location and age to complete the registration.



In the "personal information" and "authentication" tab, complete your information. The more complete your information is, the more loan amount you will have. In the "My Card" tab, bind your bank card and check. Bank card is used to invest and repay the loan. Funds raised from the borrowers will be transfered to your electronic check.


Start a loan

Click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the "Initiate Loan" section on the homepage, fill in the amount and period of the loan, and click Publish.
weekly interest:0.2%
monthly interest:0.8%



If you want to invest, please click on "Investment Loan" button. You can choose your borrowers and view their information. If you trust the borrower and the information published, click on the "investment" button.
weekly interest:0.1%
monthly interest:0.7%